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Designed to dramatically improve engagement, and entertain your audience

Glass Buildings

Dynamic Email / SMS

Embed VIDEO. Instant Polls. Image Carousels. Quizzes. Individually-targeted content.

TailoredMail has numerous industry innovations, including the ability to target each and every content block (e.g. different articles in a newsletter) to different people, based on their profile. Truly individualized.

And now enabled for use with SMS text messaging!

True Embedded
Videos & Podcasts

TailoredMail is the ONLY email-solution-provider of this ground-breaking technology. We detect each recipients email client, and adapt seamlessly a "one-click-to-play" experience. We even support OUTLOOK!

An industry-first also includes our ability to create emails where video is playing in the background...a jaw-dropping effect/technique that will capture your audience's attention and reinforce your messages.

White Structure

Surveys, Forms, Polls, Ratings & Bookmarks

Create robust surveys that can dynamically adapt based on answers to questions (branching).


Embed forms into your website, or even conduct (and embed in email) instant polls and quizzes to engage your audience and gather feedback

Drag and Drop Design

You've seen other tools offer this, but ours goes much farther by allowing you to fully customize/re-use them for your organization - making content creation a breeze. Included is a rich library of components for embedding videos, countdown-clocks, complex grids / tables / columns, external articles (literally paste in a link and it will be imported), and elegantly enabling background images (that work with Outlook!).

Image Libraries & Advanced Editing

We offer numerous tools to help you design and deploy rich content, including an elaborate and free image library (including background images and patterns). Use our built in image editor to perform circle-crops, add borders/fades, embed personalized text, remove backgrounds, and so much more. We even integrate with Google Images to let you search and import common-license images on any topic.

Rich Segmentation & Targeting Tools

Our software allows you to create unlimited profile-fields and lists/segments so that you can target broadcasts, drips, or individual content-blocks. Perform A/B testing with ease, and use our "resend to inactives" to target unengaged subscribers automatically.

Automated & Transactional Emails

Build robust customer "journeys" with automated email messages such as welcome-campaigns,  abandoned-cart reminders, countdown-drips, and lead-nurturing multi-step campaigns.

We also offer transactional email messaging via a robust API, and RSS-to-email automated newsletters and alerts. Leverage your specialized campaigns with embedded video and personalization.

Hands-on Customer Support & Advice

Each customer gets a dedicated account manager to assist in setting up your account, conducting personalized training, and offering marketing advice and feature update consulting at no extra charge.

Use our built-in knowledge-base of tips and videos to dig deeper into how TailoredMail can help you grow your business. Plus, we reach out to customers for feature ideas, customization and beta-testing feedback.

Geometric Ceiling

Improved Deliverability

Not only do our video/dynamic-content tools dramatically improve inboxing (e.g. no-junk-folder-filtering), but we provide built-in innovations that increase the deliverability reputation of your messages. We deliver emails to the most-engaged subscribers first as well as offer predictive-sending, time-zone scheduling, and integrated delivery options between Email, SMS and (soon) push-notifications.

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