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About Us

Finding Innovation in Every Turn

TailoredMail offers a SaaS application for marketers, artists and internal-communicators to deliver deeply personalized messages (at scale) via email, SMS, surveys/polls, and individualized news microsites. We have offices in Seattle, Nashville, Barcelona and Pune, and strive to deliver exciting solutions that increase audience engagement, loyalty and feedback.

Our Story

Founded by Matt Highsmith - a former marketing executive from Apple Computer - the company has brought capabilities that astound its customers. We were the first to offer profile-based content targeting, all within a single email newsletter. We also invented a way to embed videos, podcasts, polls and quizzes directly within an email. 

Innovation is at the core of what we do every day. Working closely with our clients and offering excellent customer support, we have built relationships with our clients that are strategic and, well, tailored.

The Team

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